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 Rules to be followed~!!

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Rules to be followed~!! Empty
PostSubject: Rules to be followed~!!   Rules to be followed~!! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 3:09 pm

Rules to be followed~!! 45847 ~ROC~ Rules to be followed~!! 45847
-Rules of Conduct-

There are some rules you must follow if you want to stay in Foreplay Cause we want the best for you and all our members so here is the list of rules that should be followed by all guild members including DGMS & The Guild Leader.

DGMS are Given special responsibilities to maintain a justice and harmonious environment in guild.

(1)Use of Unacceptable,Abusive,Racist,Obscene language in family chat are prohibited

(2)If you're talking about some sexual topic in family you have to adjust with another members and check if they are comfortable with it or not,Keep your language under control when its a sexual topic.

If you don't like any player in family try to ignore him/her to avoid senseless drama's that can make problems for other family members.

(4)You can't ask the guild leader to kick anyone for just the reason that you don't like the person,If you think someone should be kicked you need to have good enough reasons to show to the Guild leader and the leader will decide if the player should be kicked or not.

(5)Harassing,Threatening, or causing unwanted attention to other players are prohibited.

(6)Spreading false information with regards to the guild,guild members,Dgms or the guild leader can cause you to get kicked out of the guild,

(7)Begging for items/points/clothes from other guild members and causing them problem will not be tolerated.

Treat other players as you want to be treated.

If anyone breaks any of the rules for the 1st time will be given warning by the Guild Leader and The DGMS if the player continues with the same disrespectful behavior will be kicked out of guild by the Guild leader without any second thoughts.

Quote :
New rules will be added in future as per need

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Rules to be followed~!!
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