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 Snowman Locations~

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Snowman Locations~ Empty
PostSubject: Snowman Locations~   Snowman Locations~ Icon_minitimeMon Dec 27, 2010 3:28 pm

Snowman Mark & Snowman Bobby = Near Big Christmas Tree

Snowman Ron = Highschool
Snowman Randy = Highschool
Snowman Jessie = Paramount
Snowman Leo = 5th Avanue
Snowman Josh = Rio Bay
Snowman Calvin = Lily
Snowman Barry = Korea
Snowman Dan = Park
Snowman Chris = Rafters
Snowman Collin = Titanic
Snowman Paul = Subway
Snowman Nick = Ballroom
Snowman Tom = Manor

Snowman Peter = (MAP)Outside of Abyss
Snowman Jacob = (MAP)Outside of Paramount
Snowman Don = (MAP)Outside of Studio
Snowman Jhon = (MAP)Outside of Highschool
Snowman Larry = (MAP)Outside of Highschool
Snowman Andre = (MAP)Outside of MJ City
Snowman Justin = (MAP)Outside of Titanic/Port/Korea/Rio bay

Missing Snowmans = Harry,James,Jerry,Steve

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Snowman Locations~
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